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February 8, 2017 Communications, Content marketing, Digital marketing

7 ways to engage customers with video on social media

Given the clear impact of video on customer engagement, marketers should be thinking about ways to make the most of video in their social marketing mix. Here are some ideas for how to use video to better reach customers, inspire loyalty, hire great talent, and/or drive sales: ...Read more
January 16, 2017 Content marketing, Crawford Group, Digital marketing

Is your brand ready to benefit from these 2017 marketing trends?

At Crawford Group, we’re always looking ahead to identify the most promising new marketing strategies and tactics. Read on for our roundup of some of the big trends we’re seeing this year — and how they can make your marketing more successful. ...Read more
June 7, 2016 Content marketing, Creative, Marketing trends

Marketing Trends: Video in 2016

We recently hosted a consultant learning session on the topic of video trends in marketing. Richard Weston-Smith of Brainstorm Creative was our featured speaker. In this post we've included some takeaways from his presentation around the effectiveness of video, current trends in video and what makes a "great" video ...Read more