Build, secure, and onboard

a cohesive group of experts.

When you are faced with a complex or labor-intensive initiative requiring a mix of marketing expertise, we have the solution.

Embedded Team

Our embedded team service allows you to secure and onboard a cohesive group of experts all at once. We collaborate with you to deploy an easy-to-manage talent solution based on your business objectives. We quickly assemble specially selected experts who are responsible for delivering on your vision and executing projects and programs to scale. These teams can be procured for as short as 6 months or as a long-term talent solution.


• Custom-built team

• Crawford Group managed and nurtured talent

• On-site, hybrid, or remote options

• Talent flexpool

• Integrated workflow, based on unique business needs

• Talent retention incentive

• Rapid onboarding

• Workflow tracked to Service Level Agreements

We provide marketing solutions within these high-demand capabilities:


Experienced, proven digital marketers with the skills to help you hit your goals.


Expert talent and turn-key solutions with the skills to attract the right audience and create an engaging experience.


An array of creative experts who collaborate with you to bring your business’ vision and strategy to life.


Marketers who know how to create content that inspires your audience to action,

As marketing leaders, you are busy calculating how to optimize the mix of tools, processes, and talent inside and outside the organization to meet the demands of the modern marketer. Crawford Group’s collaborative customer relationships and access to expert marketing talent help us create

the best solutions for you.

  • Build capacity quickly
  • Secure and onboard a cohesive group of experts all at once
  • Obtain an easy-to-manage talent solution based on your business objectives

Committed to service excellence

Sr. Event Marketing Manager

“Can’t say enough good things about the Crawford team. I’ve worked with many of them for 10+ years now, and the people are outstanding. We rely on them, and consider them an integral part of the team.”

Director of Digital Marketing

“Fast responses, good candidate recommendations.”

Vice President, GTM Technology
& Marketing Operations

“Years of experience in working with this stellar organization.”

Campaign Manager, Global Marketing

“The Crawford team delivers high quality work, is collaborative and solution-oriented, and brings with them the knowledge and
commitment that makes them a leader.”

Manager, Social & Digital Experience Strategy
(Global Partner Marketing)

“Responsive, provide strong talent, and keep us current with any changes or issues.”

Manager, Marketing Production Resources

"Excellent partners, always supportive and quick to find solutions.”

Chief Digital & Technology Officer

“Consultants working with us are high quality.”

Sr. Field Marketing Manager

“Crawford Group has provided quality candidates and have a seamless process when it comes to sourcing and managing onboarded contractors!”

Manager, Technical Partner Marketing

“Great service. Institutional knowledge. Peace of mind. Detail-oriented service.”

Put the Embedded Team solution to work for you and relax knowing your marketing is in capable hands.

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need a full team
of experts?

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