Need marketing help?

Why partner with Crawford Group?

When your staff is stretched thin, lacking a specific expertise, or struggling to fill a key position, call on us.

We know marketing and events inside and out — how organizations work, who the experts are, and how to get things done. And because we’re deeply connected to this community, we can call on our network of thousands of professionals to fulfill your function, complete your project, or find you the perfect candidate.

Our managed marketing services

Direct hires

Count on us to find your ideal full-time hire. We’ll source and screen candidates and conduct preliminary interviews, and then we’ll turn it over to you to make the final choice.


Let us find your ideal temporary hire. We’ll verify resumes, conduct background checks, and manage the interview process and budget.


Outsource a particular area of expertise to us. We’ll write the assignment descriptions, source and screen candidates, conduct background checks, and manage the interview process and budget.

Managed services

Let us handle an entire function for you, from creative services to event marketing to web production. We’ll drive the plan, hire a lead manager, put together a strategic team, and manage the people, workflow, schedule, budget, and delivery.

Managed projects

Give us a project, whether it’s a product launch, corporate event, channel marketing SPIF, or webinar series. We’ll hire the lead, put together a strategic team, and manage the people, workflow, schedule, and budget.

Which solution is right for you?

Have a critical project you can’t get done?

We’ll take it over as a managed project and complete it on time, on budget, and to your highest standards.

HR department can’t seem to find the right full-time hire?

With our direct hire service, all you have to do is interview our rigorously vetted candidates and say, “You’re hired.”

Need an outside expert to handle a particular task?

Look to our network of consultants for know-how and hands-on experience across a complete range of marketing disciplines.

Employee going on maternity or paternity leave?

We’ll do the legwork of finding the best contingent marketing worker to fill the position.

Need to streamline and outsource an entire function, like Creative Services or Field Events?

With our managed services, you can extend your organization with an outsourced Crawford Group team that specializes in a particular marketing function  and you won’t add headcount.

Straight from our clients’ mouths

“The Crawford Group team went above and beyond in support of my major industry presentations, resulting in my highest-rated global audience presentation to date. They are the best team I have worked with in my six years at this company.”

Client Solutions Manager, Crawford Group Client

“I used to reach out to multiple agencies when I needed help, but then quickly realized that Crawford Group not only completely understood my needs, but always had the best consultants. I don’t waste my time with other agencies anymore — Crawford Group is my go-to.”

Digital Marketing Manager, Crawford Group Client

“And thank you for your and the team’s support on the very heavy volume of eSeminars! I can’t scale to meet the needs of the business without Crawford!”

Group Manager, WW Field Enablement & Communications, Crawford Group Client

“…thank you for being such a great partner managing the Event Marcom… Your attention to detail with all of the marcom elements has not gone unnoticed!”

Marketing Manager, Event Strategy & Management, Crawford Group Client

“As with every [event], the Crawford team is phenomenal with its understanding of and ability to support our content-centric emails.”

Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Crawford Group Client

“…fantastic event across the board…best set up I have seen at [our company] in terms of booth, complementary marketing activities, quality and quantity of visitors, etc.”

Vice President, Crawford Group Client