We know marketing, events and communications, so our clients can count on us to get where they’re coming from.

We help clients create custom success strategies, execute top-notch marketing programs – we let them put the focus back on their work – taking it off marketing logistics, so they can focus on day-to-day responsibilities. They appreciate that. Meanwhile, the members of our workforce can expect us to support them in their professional development and place them in engaging, satisfying positions that make the most of their time and talents. So everyone wins.


We create teams of standout experts and strategic partners. In turn, they deliver exceptional programs.


Every organization is a little bit different. So, we’ll hand-pick an expert who fits your company’s culture.


Our dedicated leads can work onsite at our clients’ locations, becoming extensions of their teams.


Time after time, we’ve come through for demanding clients on tough assignments. That’s why we’re here.

Meet our leaders

  • Judy Crawford

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Entrepreneurial ventures and relationships have been Judy’s passion since she was 12 years old, when she babysat, shoveled snow, and worked on commission washing hair in a small-town beauty salon. Since founding Crawford Group in 2000, she has evolved the agency to ensure that it always has the right culture, service offerings, business model, and leadership team to best serve its market, clients, consultants, and employees. She finds tremendous fulfillment helping marketing leaders solve their challenges and scale their organizations — and helping people find jobs that fit their skills. As a guide and mentor, she loves having real life and work conversations that lead to solid partnerships and ultimate possibility, where, she says, “Everyone wins, and we can all reach our highest potential.”

    Judy’s favorite things:

    1. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
    2. Leonard Cohen
    3. The Esalen Institute, Big Sur
    4. Traveling in developing countries
    5. Human potential
  • Bob White

    Chief Executive Officer

    As CEO, Bob is responsible for monetizing strategic opportunities to ensure that Crawford Group continues to grow, thrive, and make life better for clients, consultants, and employees alike. He sees focus and commitment as his superpowers; he’s both tough and fair; and he’s expert at coming up with simple, creative solutions to complex problems. Bob values family, faith, and friends above all else, and his motto is, “The hardest thing in this world to stop is the one who knows they’ve won before the game has started.”

    Robert’s favorite things:

    1. Of course, his family
    2. Cycling
    3. The Hawaiian Islands
    4. Entrepreneurs
    5. Disruptive tech and/or business models
  • Laurie Stein

    President & Chief Revenue Officer

    Each day, Laurie leads the Crawford Group team to live their core values while enabling their clients to successfully deliver on key objectives. She loves helping marketers take a different view of how they can be successful, and then watching the transformation as they get the help they need. She says, “Our team, our consultants, and our clients are so inspirational — so much passion, so much creativity, so much brainpower.” When she’s not working, Laurie loves adventuring with her husband, daughters, and crazy mutt; cooking with friends; and making a mean cocktail. Her top values are to laugh often, help whenever she can, and make decisions with her heart.

    Laurie’s favorite things:

    1. Living on the California coast
    2. Watching live music
    3. Eating and drinking well
    4. Laughing
    5. Animals
  • Sarah Eaton

    Senior Account Director, Customer Success

    Sarah’s favorite quote is from Winston Churchill: “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.” Not only does Sarah love riding her horse, Lesha, but she also loves saddling up each day to help clients identify their biggest challenges and bring on the right solution to successfully achieve their goals. Sarah began consulting with Crawford Group as a tradeshow manager supporting Adobe, and in the 13 years since she’s expanded her role and become a trusted partner to many clients across business units, product teams, and marketing organizations. She values work/life balance, friendship, and joy, and she greatly admires our military personnel as well as animal rescue organizations like The Humane Society.

    Sarah’s favorite things:

    1. Her dog and horse
    2. The outdoors
    3. The beach
    4. Festivals
    5. Traveling to new and exciting countries
  • Lisa Jensen

    Senior Account Director, Customer Success

    Lisa believes that we rise by lifting others, so it’s no wonder she loves to evangelize Crawford Group’s workforce solutions to marketers in need, and then work in partnership with them to tackle their biggest challenges. Her colleagues say she’s a great listener and strategic thinker who strives to solve problems and see the big picture. She says the best part of her job is working with so many unique and amazing personalities, business cultures, and brands — and she feels inspired by the opportunity to make a difference in people’s professional lives. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of Lisa’s heroes, and so is Ellen DeGeneres, for spreading the gift of laughter.

    Lisa’s favorite things:

    1. Traveling, whether it’s a trip to Europe or just enjoying the Santa Barbara coast
    2. Great food
    3. Good wine and conversation
    4. Her family
    5. Knowledge
  • Shannon Troyka
    Shannon Troyka

    Account Director, Customer Success

    Shannon believes that the people behind the company are the path for success. With over 20 years of experience overseeing collaborative teams, she loves to energize relationships to enable each team member. Shannon takes pride in identifying an individual’s distinctive strengths and capabilities. Building and maintaining relationships are one of Shannon’s passions – no one is a stranger in her mind, and everyone becomes a part of her story.

    Shannon’s Favorite Things:

    1. Beaches
    2. Animals (and animal rescue)
    3. Enjoying life!
    4. Trying new things/places
    5. Plants/Landscaping
  • Lisa Ferguson
    Lisa Ferguson

    Director, Marketing Project Solutions

    Lisa’s passion is people. She believes we rise by lifting others – working with like-minded people, always providing grace and gratitude in all that she does. Getting to know her clients and colleagues, watching projects come to fruition, and having fun is Lisa’s path to success.

    When marketing leaders engage Crawford Group, Lisa knows how to listen, investigate, and work with the internal and external teams to devise a solution that results in a successful program!

    Lisa’s Favorite Things:

    1. Her funny husband Bill – always making her laugh
    2. Spending time at her heart place – Donner Lake
    3. Dancing
    4. Empowering women
    5. Frozen Yogurt
  • Flo Miniscloux
    Flo Miniscloux

    Director, Event Solutions

    After over a decade of creating corporate events across the globe, Flo has developed a large repertoire of experience including celebrations for 250,000, high-end product launches, international multiple day incentive trips and complex citywide conferences and conventions. This paired with her in-depth venture in the virtual event space and her passion for event technology has led her to become our resident experts on all things events. As a curious-minded soul, she loves this quote from Bill Nye The Science Guy, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” She is passionate about travel, dance, technology, and the future. It would not surprise us one bit if one day Flo was a volunteer astronaut on a SpaceX rocket one day.

    Flo’s favorite things:

    1. Dancing like no one is watching
    2. Rockets and space travel
    3. Sushi and sake
    4. Global travel
    5. Her native country, France
  • Francesco Lascari
    Francesco Lascari

    Director, Business Growth Team

    Francesco lives each day by the following words, “Faith is bigger than fear” and “one should never give up what sets your heart on fire.”   His values translate in all he does.  Colleagues describe him as a trailblazing, visionary driving results with practical solutions. Collaborating with his Crawford team is the highlight of his day.  He enjoys synergizing with his team – a group of diverse, bright individuals who love what they do and most importantly have fun doing it. Francesco fits in perfectly!!!  Traveling and discovering new cultures are a few of Francesco’s hobbies that drive his passions for trying new recipes, learning foreign languages, and practicing yoga.  Most weekends you can find him exploring the great outdoors with his two furry sidekicks, Ricky and Lucy.  They keep him grounded with their comedic antics and remind him of the simple things: loyalty, greet everyone with enthusiasm, be yourself, play is good, and love unconditionally!

    Francesco’s favorite things:

    1. Ricky and Lucy (his pups)
    2. Italian cooking (especially a good ‘Bolognese’)
    3. Rocky Mountains and Pacific Coast Highway
    4. Tiramisu
    5. Evolution
  • Phil Bratton Jr
    Phillip Bratton Jr.

    Business Growth Executive - East

    “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” Phillip’s passion has always been sales and people. These passions have driven him throughout his professional career and personal life. Through sales, Phillip has been introduced to culture, diversity, and people from all walks of life. He believes everyone brings their own unique perspective, and each interaction is an opportunity to learn. Each day you should strive to be better than the one before. Being a career sales professional, Phillip has worked in automotive, technology, software, and staffing. No matter the industry, he always found success in being genuine and matching the product or service to the client’s true need. In his free time, Phillip enjoys dining at new restaurants with his wife and two daughters. He is the ultimate “Girldad”, enjoying tea parties, mini makeovers, and dance battles.” He is also an Atlanta sports fanatic, and loves to attend SEC football and NFL sporting events.

    Phillip’s favorite things:

    1. Ava and Amaia (Daughters)
    2. Football (GoDawgs)
    3. A nice cowboy ribeye
    4. A good laugh
    5. Forrest Gump
  • Bill Niggemann

    Business Growth Executive - Central/West

    Bill believes that “the only way to do great work is to love what you do” and that motto correlates with his passion for sales and account management.  As an outgoing people person, Bill loves networking and building long term relationships. Throughout his sales journey, he has been able to meet so many different people from all walks of life, each with their own, unique story. Bill believes that there is nothing more gratifying than developing solutions to help clients overcome their obstacles. In his free time, Bill loves spending time his wife and two children and watching them grow.

    Bill’s favorite things:

    1. Liam and Livia (his children)
    2. Golf
    3. Sushi
    4. Live music
    5. The Green Bay Packers
  • Jennifer Oliveri
    Jennifer Oliveri

    Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

    Jennifer has a passion for taking on new challenges. She lives by the words “Work hard, play hard.” As a marketer, she prefers taking an innovative approach to all that she does – every day offers the opportunity to learn something new! “Inspiration is priceless, and finding it is endless” – she is inspired by the Crawford team for their values and dedication to the client. You will never see her without a smile on her face; she loves to laugh and live each day to its fullest. When she is not thinking up new marketing programs, she enjoys kicking back with her husband and four children. They keep her on her toes!

    Jennifer’s Favorite Things:

    1. Traveling with family
    2. Snuggling with her dog
    3. Laughing with girlfriends
    4. Camping
    5. A glass of wine paired with a good book
  • Marci Gallego

    Director, Talent & Recruiting

    A seasoned recruiter, Marci has been placing incredible people in a variety of senior level positions for over 20 years. From technical to creative, tactical to strategic, Marci is able to quickly and accurately assess positions and match to corresponding talent. Her favorite quote, from Maya Angelou, is “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Marci brings every one of these characteristics to her professional and personal lives; she is not just amiable and helpful, but also has the distinct ability to quickly become friends with clients and partners alike. Marci is also a vocal advocate for juvenile diabetes education and support.

    Marci’s favorite things:

    1. Watching her sons play soccer
    2. Sunny days in Capitola
    3. Spending lazy Sundays with family
    4. Sharing good books and good movies with good friends
    5. A good, icy Diet Coke
  • Nic Jasso

    Senior Recruiter

    An experienced recruiter, Nic has been placing great talent in a variety of positions throughout his career. Moments do not last long and Nic enjoys a sense of excitement from his involvement in the life changing events of matching talent with new career opportunities. One of Nic’s favorite quotes is “We may run, walk, stumble, or fly, but let us never lose sight of the reason for the journey or miss a chance to see a rainbow on the way.” Nic believes there are always bright or positive outcomes from each moment in the journey (personal, work or life). Those outcomes are important to highlight in our daily lives and interactions with others. When Nic is not working he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, being an active athlete, watching sports, being outdoors and tending to his yard and garden.

    Nic’s favorite things:

    1. Avid fan of baseball (Go Yankees!).
    2. Watching and coaching his kids play sports.
    3. Cycling and running.
    4. Listening to music.
    5. Being outdoors.
  • Taylor Hatfield


    Taylor has always taken a leap of faith when it comes to choosing her adventures, and her latest leap has led to the start of an adventure in recruiting that fits her like a glove.  As a people-person, Taylor is constantly striving to understand and help the candidates and clients she works with. She follows Audrey Hepburn’s words, “you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” The feeling Taylor gets from connecting talented people to talented companies is what motivates her the most.

    Along with recruiting, spending time with the ones she holds dearest to her heart (especially her furry friends) is what adds most to her happiness. Taylor also loves travelling our globe while interacting with individuals, partaking in activities, and indulging in all aspects of diverse cultures.

    Taylor’s favorite things:

    1. Making people laugh
    2. Cows
    3. Trader Joes
    4. Spontaneous road trips
    5. Cheering on the San Jose Sharks
  • Kim Carney
    Kim Carney

    Director, Operations and Engagement

    Kim prides herself as a “Jill of all Trades” and uses her vast expanse of marketing and software knowledge to provide Crawford Group with the best tools and information. Her application development and programming background make her an excellent choice in providing business intelligence and reporting. At the same time, her philosophy of doing whatever it takes to keep Crawford Group moving forward is key to her success. Her favorite quote is by Master Oogway – “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.”

    Kim’s favorite things:

    1. Her family
    2. Computer gaming
    3. Laughing
    4. Watching the sunrise
    5. Music
  • Jennifer Logan

    Employee Care Manager

    Jenn’s passion is understanding the needs and expectations of our employees and ensuring all employee interactions reflect our culture and values. She is the first point of contact for team members and people program initiatives. With listening and empathy, Jenn is dedicated to a first-class experience across the full employee lifecycle. Her background as a 3-time National Championship water polo winner at UCLA makes her a great fit with the Crawford Group philosophy ensuring that the marketers we work with feel like ‘winners’ every step of the way. Her favorite quote is by Howard Thurman – “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” She loves spending time with her kids at their sporting events and cocktails with her book club.

    Jenn’s favorite things:

    1. Traveling with her soulmate, Jim
    2. Watching her kids play in the neighborhood & on the lacrosse field
    3. Great skincare products
    4. Netflix binge watching
    5. Sleeping in when she can

We are all about diversity.

Meet your supplier diversity goals. The Crawford Group is a certified women-owned business and WBENC-member since 2007. Our progressive management team came up in Silicon Valley’s diversity-positive culture.

Engage us with confidence.

Diversity Staffing Award, Staffing Industry Analysts
Stevie Winner Bronze Award, Women in Business
WBENC-certified since 2007, Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
Member of the Womens’ Presidents Organization
CEMA Member, Corporate Event Marketing Association
ANA Member, Association of National Advertisers
IATAN Accredited, International Airlines Travel Agent Network
Watermark Member, a Community of Executive Women
PBWC Member, Professional Business Women of California
WIC Member, Women in Consulting