Strengths-based teams report up to 19% more sales and 29% greater profitability.* Make yours one of them.

Great marketing needs talent with a diverse set of skills, both hard and soft. And yet, typically most individual team members are simply best at one set or another. By understanding and focusing on those strengths, then building from there, you can help your team: Learn faster, adapt to change, perform better, give customers a more memorable experience, and become a tighter, more productive team overall.

*Source: Gallup Organization

Introducing the Strengths Finder Workshop.

We’ll work closely with both your Executive and Management Teams to assess each team member’s key strengths. Then we’ll create an overall team development strategy, supported by individualized development plan for each team member in a way that builds on existing strengths, and provide professional coaching to make it all happen.

Bring out what’s been hiding. In everyone.

Team members operating from a position of strength finish their projects faster, produce better work, and engage with both each other and customers at a higher level. It’s a simple notion, but one that hasn’t really been fully leveraged—until now.

The Crawford Group team went above and beyond in support of my major industry presentations, resulting in my highest-rated global audience presentation to date. They are the best team I have worked with in my six years at this company.

Client Solutions ManagerCrawford Group Client

Our Crawford Group consultant is always very creative, quick, and responsive. I love that she is open to new ideas and I am continuously hearing others from our team mentioning her great work.

Partner Service Development ManagerCrawford Group Client

I don’t know how you do it, but you always have all the answers!

Product Marketing ManagerCrawford Group Client
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Optimize the individual and collective potential.

With decades of experience as leadership consultants working with people at all levels, we’ll maximize your strengths to make the most impactful contribution. So what are you waiting for? Let’s grow.

Growth from Managing to Leading

Grow from managing to leading by integrating unique strengths, gifts and values into a personal brand and presence.

Expand Leadership Influence & Inspiration

Be confident as a powerful, engaging and influential leader independent of positional authority.

Cultivating Strengths Through Community and Network

Build rich networks of support with each other, across the organization and industry.

Let's get in touch. We'd love to help you.

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