Refer A Friend

If any member of the Crawford Group community: active or past consultant, candidate, colleague, or client, refers a candidate for an open, full-time position listed on our website, and if the referred candidate is hired for that specific position, the referring party is eligible to receive a $500.00 Visa Gift Card once the new hire has completed one hundred and twenty days [120] of continuous employment.

  • The referring party must be a current or former acquaintance of the person they are referring
  • The referring party must submit the referral through our referral website, providing all required information to be eligible for the $500 Visa Gift Card
  • The referral cannot currently be affiliated with Crawford Group (current or past employee or have an existing candidate profile in our talent database)
Referral Process
  • The referring party submits referral through our referral webpage, providing all required information
  • The referring party will receive an email acknowledgement from Crawford Group; the email will confirm eligibility for program
  • If the candidate is already in the Crawford Group proprietary database and/or otherwise engaged with Crawford Group (e.g.: a current or past employee), the submission will not be eligible for the program
  • If the referral results in a hire for the full time assignment in which they were referred, the referring party will receive an email containing the referral’s hire date and the 120 day eligibility date for distribution of the Visa Gift Card
  • The Visa Gift Card will be mailed to the referring individual on day 121 of the referred candidate’s employment
Duplicate Referrals
  • If duplicate candidate referrals occur for a single requisition, the first referral received for that individual (based on the date of submission) will be eligible for the program
  • The referral’s resume will be reviewed in accordance with the Company’s standard hiring procedures
  • All information regarding interviews, selection process and the reasons for making a decision to hire or not hire a referral will remain strictly confidential
  • NOTE: Hires are based on the needs of the business; not all referrals will result in a hire
  • The Candidate Referral Program is open to any friend of Crawford Group: active or past consultant, candidate, colleague, or client
  • Crawford Group management and administrative staff are not eligible to participate
  • There are no limits to the number of referrals that can be submitted or the number of Visa Gift Cards received
  • Open full-time position: Any full-time assignment listed on our website with an assigned requisition number
Legal Disclaimer
  • The value of the Visa Gift Card is $500 US Dollars
  • Recipient (referring party) is responsible for any costs or fees incurred during use of the Visa Gift Card
  • Crawford Group is not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of Visa Gift Card
  • No substitutions, cash equivalent, transfer or assignment of Visa Gift Card allowed
  • Referral information

  • Please enter only one requisition name and number per referral