Our Story

Our roots began in Silicon Valley, the heart of technology and innovation, where we take a people-centric approach with customers, talent, and employees.

We have been recognized for our diversity and as a woman-owned business.

We’ve worked globally with Fortune 100 companies and regional mid-sized companies that need the skills and capacity to deliver on revenue and pipeline growth through marketing activities. We partner with our customers to understand their vision and business goals to provide the right marketing solutions and services for their unique needs. We help to build, scale, or enhance marketing organizations everywhere.

Our extensive talent pool of digital, event, creative, and marketing experts are fully assessed and ready to quickly get to work for you.

Core Values


We know our customers and their business, as it is foundational to mutual success.


We treat everyone equally—with care, integrity, and a generous spirit.


We achieve the best possible outcomes when we work and create together.


We intend to create interactions that are meaningful and engaging.


We act thoughtfully, professionally, and in a timely manner.

Meet Our Leaders

Judy Crawford

Founder and CEO

Laurie Stein


Dana Manfredi

Executive Vice President, Go-to-Market

Marci Gallego-Laidlaw

Vice President
Talent and People

Sarah Eaton

Vice President and
Executive Account Director

Talent and People Team

Taylor Hatfield


Nic Jasso

Senior Recruiter

Nicole Endler

Employee Experience Manager

Go To Market Team

Lisa Ferguson

Director, Marketing
Project Solutions

Lisa Jensen

Senior Account Director,
Customer Success

Flo Miniscloux

Customer Experience Director, Events

Michael Price

Customer Experience Director

Nicole Crifasi

Customer Experience Director

Michael Daley

Business Growth Executive


Kim Carney

Sr. Director, Operations

Lucy Wang


Committed to diversity

We believe in approaching every interaction with honor, respect, and positive intent. Building diverse teams fosters creativity, innovative thinking and opportunity for all.

Ultimately, we know that our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience drives us all forward every day.

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